Android app spending will be higher than iOS in 2017

According to a new report from the research firm App Annie is, the mobile app market will continue to expand in 2017 . In fact, the firm has predicted that total worldwide annual revenue from Android apps will surpass those from iOS apps for the first time in 2017.


China is the reason behind that, as Chinese app stores are now a key battleground for the rival operating systems.

The anticipated income from Android applications likewise incorporates ones that are downloaded from third-party stores, particularly ones in China that are worked by Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi, Huawei and others, in addition to revenue from applications in the Google Play Store. Apple’s iOS App Store is still expected to generate more revenue per device than the Google Play Store however no less than 2021, as per the report. App Annie predicts that in that year, incomes from the iOS App Store will reach $60 billion. The Google Play Store is anticipated to get $42 billion in income for that year, and Android outsider app stores are relied upon to produce $36 billion.


Cisco Introduces Cloud-Scale Networking for Enterprises

A new cloud-scale networking solution introduced by Cisco aims to help service providers and web companies reap the benefits of SDN and NFV as they transition their central offices to next-gen data centers.

cisco-logoAccording to the report, the networking solution includes a number of features and advantages for enterprise Relevant Products/Services clients, including large-scale automation for provisioning and the ability to implement network changes quickly.

Lowered Costs, Increased Efficiency

By the report the solution will be delivered through Cisco IOS XR software at half the total cost of ownership and  will increase the efficiency and performance by 50% within five years, compared to present mode of operation.

Cisco included that the systems administration solution also utilizes data center “DevOps” standards and technologies to offer enhanced agility, efficiency and effortlessness, which the organization said would reach out past the customary system and into the focal office.

We can get more simplified and automated network platforms that are currently available.It will also help companies such as service providers, media and web companies to reduce costs.